Game of Thrones - Beyond Dragonstone predictions

Game of Thrones - Beyond Dragonstone predictions

For the last year or so I've been writing reviews for shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. Though you know what, so is everybody else. And more importantly who cares? Love it, hate or think it's 'meh'. It doesn't exactly evoke conversation of fan theories and discussions that everyone can get involved in! And that's what I'd love to create more of - discussion.

This season I want to try something different. Let's pick a few things each episode and dig into them in greater detail. Let's theorise, let's hash it out. Let's see if we can truly understand this masterpiece and play, the game of thrones! 

What do you buy for the Queen who has everything? 


So Cersei turned down Euron Greyjoys offer of allegiance. Though he promised her a gift, a gift that will help him change her mind and prove his allegiance to the cause. That gift has to be someone, but who? Here are my top predictions:

  1. Daenerys - If Euron really wants to win-friends-and-influence-people, he needs to serve-up Daenerys Targaryon's head on a pike. Though unless the writers of Lost have started writing Game of Thrones episodes I think that's a pretty big long shot. Not only would Daenerys be almost impossible to reach, she's surrounded by thousands of Unsullied, a Dotharki Horde, and armies from both Dorne and High Garden. Seems very unlikely.
  2. Sansa - It would give Cersei great pleasure to have Sansa Stark as a prisoner again, and what better way to stop any long drawn out battles with the North over winter, than taking back the Wardeness of the North. Though I think Sansa has done more than her share of time in Kings Landing. And again, getting access to her seems very unlikely at this point in the story. After all, we only have 12 episodes to go!
  3. Tyrion - Killing Tyrion would be somewhat rewarding on a personal level for Cersei and it would be serious blow to Daenerys war effort - loosing her 'Hand of the Queen'. Though, it doesn't necessarily give Cersei any further ground in the battle ahead. In fact, it would likely give Daenerys further call to rick-roll over the seven-kingdoms. Again, he's also inaccessible. Not to mention he serves up little progression for Cersei's wider domination aspirations.
  4. Gendry - You remember Gendry! Robert Baratheon's bastard child. Worked as a blacksmith, was sent to The Wall, made friends with Arya, was sold to the Brotherhood without Banners and then given Lady Melisandre? Well, the last time we saw him, Ser Davos let him go from Dragonstone Castle. Where is he now? What role does he have to play?

    My spidey-senses tell me he's got a role to play in the war of the seven of the kingdoms. The question that remains in my mind though, how would Euron Greyjoy know about Gendry Baratheon? The Lord of Light does work in mysterious ways. And there are lots of those Red Priestesses across the narrow sea where Euron has spent several years of his life in exile. Though again, how would Cersei use him? Does having a Baratheon serve any purpose right now? It must do. But how? Legitimacy to throne claim? Pfft, is there even such a thing anymore? 

Gift ideas for Queen Cersei...

Who do you think would make the perfect gift for Queen Cersei? And more importantly, why?

Predictions for the Season 7

We're only one episode on in, though here are five things I think could happen this season:

  1. The return of Nymeria - Remember Arya's Direwolf. Last seen / heard roaming around the Riverlands. Well Arya's in the Riverlands. Bow-wow-wow-yippie-yo-yippie-yay! Arya's getting her doggo back.
  2. Bran breaks the protection spell on The Wall - With the Nights King now having touched Bran (not in the togs area) and creating that connection where he can see Bran. I think the Nights King is going to be able to cross the wall without limitations. Bran traveling through the wall in tonights episode felt very ominous. The Nights King is a-coming!
  3. Cleganne Bowl - Long speculated. The Hound vs The Mountain. Winner takes all. My money is on The Hound! Though for that to happen, The Hound needs to survive whatever goes down on the other side of the wall. And now that he's come to terms with fire, he's probably going to need that to actually kill The Mountain.
  4. Daenerys will not turn her attention to the Night's King and White Walkers until Season 8 - This season is 100% about her taking back Westeros. Perhaps she'll form an alliance with Jon later in the season in prep for season eight. After all, Jon does need all that dragon glass under Dragonstone.
  5. Jorah Mormont's dragonscale is semi-cured. He still has 'pox-arm' but it wont spread any further. I think he will get one last moment this season to fight for his Queen. 

Potential deaths this season

We all know, when you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. So the big question is, who are going to the casualities this season? My predictions: 

  1. Melisandre - killed by Arya Stark for buying Gendry from the Brotherhood without Banners
  2. Petyr Baelish aka Littlefinger - killed by Sansa for starting 'shit'
  3. Theon Greyjoy - killed in battle (+expendable) 
  4. Jorah Mormont - leads a suicide mission for Daenerys
  5. The Mountain - killed by The Hound

So what do you think? Agree, disagree? Like the different approach? Hate it? Sound off below, let's talk about it!



Author: @daniel_whiting

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