Game of Thrones - Stormborn

Game of Thrones - Stormborn

This week at Night Gathers HQ we're taking a Maester Qyburn approach to Game of Thrones and trying something new, an experiment per se. Tonight George, Ethan, Logan and myself had an in depth fireside chat about everything Stormborn via Slack.

The following events occur in real-time... 

Game of Thrones - Stormborn | S07E02


"What are the mechanics behind it all?"

Ethan Amundsen - July 2017

Ethan | Let me start this thing off. Grey Worm. What are the mechanics behind it all?

George | I'm just, you go Worm!

Ethan | So why did they include that scene? one of them is bound to die soon.

Daniel | Yeah, we haven't had a good 'true love' death scene for a few episodes now. It's long over due.

George | And the whole episode has a strong female empowerment theme so it works in with that.

Daniel | So let's talk about Tyrion and Daenerys's plan to attack Westeros on all fronts. Brilliant or terrible?

Ethan | Either way... it will be great seeing Casterly Rock.

George | Good on paper but still feels like Cersei is going to mess it up.

Logan | She nasty.

Ethan | Cersei can't even pick a good hair dresser!

George | I think we'll see Jamie and Tyrion having a confrontation at Casterly Rock.

Either words or swords but it's going to go down.

No way Cersei is going to let her little brother take their home.

Daniel | Jamie did promise to kill Tyrion if he saw him again.

Ethan | One of the two will end up strangling Cersei to death.

George | Totally Jamie. He is the King/Queen Slayer.

Daniel | The other big question - Will Sam's Dad fight for Cersei?

George | I think so, being Warden of the South is a big treat to dangle.

Logan | Did anyone else think Jorah Mormont looked like a Countdown Tiger roll?

George | I did get a little hungry during that scene.

Logan | It started to get a little meatlovers pizza there for a while


Daniel | At least we get a Jon + Danny meet up next week!

George | The whole show has been leading up to this: Song of Fire and Ice (Snow) and all that.

Ethan | Jon will bend the knee because he's zero f**ks - He's a big picture guy.

Daniel | He also doesn't really want to be King in the North.

Whenever he makes a statement or proclamation at Winterfell he instantly looks to Sansa for approval. 

George | But no one else in the North wants anything to do with the South!

Ethan | He doesn't like snow.. it's cold, and gets everywhere.

Logan | Jon is going to end up riding a dragon...mark my words.

Daniel | The South doesn't even want the North. They just want to control it.

George | I think he'll bend the knee but then Sansa/Littlefinger will reject his promise to Daenerys.

Daniel | Makes sense - Sansa is turning into Aunt Lysa more and more each day.

Ethan | Jon will kill Littlefinger.

George | I don't think Jon is ever going to be 'The King in the North' again. Sansa has Winterfell and he's got ice zombies to fight.

Ethan | I will be much disappoint if he lives through this all.

George | Littlefinger will die but I don't think it'll be Jon. Sansa possibly but more likely Brienne.


Logan | Uncle Euron is bad-ass. And poor old Reek... just when he had steadied his nerves.

George | Yeah. I felt for the guy but the PTSD of it all was too much.

Daniel | I'll tell you who I thought was a complete waste of time... those Sandsnakes!

George | I agree about the Sandsnakes, They'd been built up but then Euron beat them way too easily.

Ethan | I don't think Danni would care that much? 'Burn them all' is the Targaryan house motto isn't it?

George | But she needs the Dornish and the Kracken fleet! 

Daniel | The words are Fire and Blood.

Ethan | We have a real Greyworm over here ^^

Daniel | Why did the Sandsnakes come all this way but didn't bring their army. Hassle.

George | I believe "Burn them all" is an alternative Valerian translation.

Daniel | It's gender neutral though right?

George |Yep. All is male and female.

Ethan | Fire isn't sexist.

Logan | I thought that was Hot Pie's motto.

George | No, just the butter.

Daniel | Everyone forgets to brown the butter. Takes too long.

Logan | Handy when your name is your trade.

Daniel | Euron really wrecked the Greyjoy fleet. I feel like Yara should of had more fight in her...

George | And who was on watch? It's super hard to sneak up in a ship that size!

Ethan | Probably Theon... useless.

George | The commander on watch needs to be nailed to the deck

Daniel | Maybe the lookout was the one crushed by the Kraken landing bridge? Rekt.


Daniel | Let's talk about Arya? Found her doggo... Gave up her doggo... Gave up on her mission to Kings Landing...

Ethan | Definitely not a pupper... they were good dogs Daniel.

George | Can I just get on the record that Arya is a total psychopath.

Daniel | Why is she a psychopath? (apart from the obvious I'm killing everyone who has ever wronged me).

Logan | She bad.

Ethan | She's nuts mate.

Ethan | We know it's not some other faceless man though...

George | She's pretty much Carl Grimes at this point. Totally grown up killing people, without any moral compass other than her own.

Logan | She's just motivated. Get off her back.

Daniel | I don't understand why should would go to Winterfell yet, Sansa is going to treat her like a kid. She should continue her mission. Though I understand from a story point it's not time to kill Cersei yet...

George | She doesn't know about Sansa. Just that Jon is there.

Daniel | Thats true - I didn't consider that.

Daniel | Sansa is going to make Arya do embroidery and then Arya is going to stab her...

George | You could do some bad-ass embroidery with Needle.

Ethan | Stark reunion at Winterfell?

Logan | They don't do great parties.

Daniel | But they always remember a party. The North always remembers.

George | The alternative translation of that is, "The North always remembers the ice." That's why they throw great parties.

Logan | Maybe they just write great lists?

Daniel | So how far will this season take us? Will we get a Whitewalker battle this season?

Ethan | They're just going to walk around that wall at Eastwatch!

George | Totally. I think they'll wrap up the Whitewalkers this season and then next mini-season will be the final struggle for the Iron Throne.

The Head Walker's face is all over the posters for the season.

Daniel | So once Dani has Casterly Rock will she shift all focus to the North to help Jon?

Ethan | White Walkers will destroy the free folk - ice Tormand will fight Jon.

Logan | Those dragons are going to end up toasting the Walkers but not until next season.

George | Even better, the White Walkers destroy a dragon, then we get an Ice Dragon!

Ethan | I think that's bound to happen.

Daniel | What role does Bran play in all of this?

Will he worg into a Dragon? I'm all questions...

Ethan | Bran will fly.. but he'll only be a raven....

Logan | Can Bran worg into an ice giant?

George | I think either Danni and Jon fall in love or some other reason is given for Danni believing Jon about the White Walkers so she'll go to rescue and while they kill off the threat in the North Cersei will kick things off in the South.

He'll Worg into Jon on a Dragon

Logan | Dani will take her dragon north and have a squizz at the White Walkers.


Daniel | I think that Jorah and Sam will head to Dragonstone for dragon glass. At the same time that Jon meets Danny. Another 'vouch' for Jon and the credible story of White Walkers.

Ethan | Jorah will take Sams family sword. With consent of course.

Daniel | I think Sam will give that sword to Danny. Every great house needs a Valaryian sword. 

George | And Jorah will use it.

Ethan | Does Daenerys know how to swing a sword?

and full circle back to Greyworm...

George | He'll also be hardcore with his stoneskin. Natural armour. 

Ethan | Stoneskin is a fresh spin on Greyscale... I could be down for some stoneskin.

Daniel | You should see a doctor about that.

Logan | Or a nurse (your mum).


George | Was anyone else totally underwhelmed with Qyburn's big solution to the Dragons?

Daniel | Oh yeah! That was lame.

Ethan | IDK... it worked in The Hobbit.

Daniel | Hold still Dragon... let me aim this very slow over sized cross bow...

George | Those Ballista's are going to be impossible to aim at a dragon

Logan | I was hoping for a giant fire extinguisher. 

Daniel | He would of been better to serve up information on this horn that controls Dragons.

George | And the reload rate would be terrible.

Daniel | I maybe would of been more impressed if Kings Landing had 50 turret Crossbows that could all be fired at once. Though one single one...

George | He said it took a whole bunch of artisans a bunch of time to build that one. 

Ethan | The mountain could throw a spear pretty well I would think.

George | They need like a thousand to have a chance. 

So dumb.

The giant dragon skull was pretty cool though.

Daniel | Yeah it looks like Drogon has some more growing to do.

Ethan | Who is the character that will inevitably get impaled by that thing? 

George | Mountain.

The Hound takes the Mountain's head off with one

Daniel | Classic - Brotherly love at it's best!

Daniel | I think Daenerys will want Sam as her Maester.

George | Nice call. Hadn't considered that.

Daniel | She'll relieve him of his vowels. Plus Jon will want him around.

George | Especially if he has to fight against his Dad.

Daniel | One thing that doesn't make sense to me... the last time Sam saw Jon he was at Castle Black. But then Jon was killed, then he went off to fight in the Battle of the Bastards. Though Sam knew to send a Raven to Winterfell. Plot hole?

George | He has a forwarding setting on his raven-mail.

Daniel | The last two episodes we've have some pretty big moments. What's going to be the jaw dropper for episode 3?

George | Jorah post skin peel.

Logan | hell look 20 years younger.

George | Stark sister's reunion.

Ethan | And bran I think.

Daniel | I could see Euron killing someone e.g. Yara to prove his commitment to House Lannister.

George | Yeah, Yara's gotta go.

Daniel | The Greyjoys serve 0 purpose now.

Logan | Reeks luck is due to turn. Any day now he is going to do something right.

Daniel | He needs to settle down in a quiet shack by the sea. The big leagues are not for him.

George | Theon has to somehow redeem himself.

Ethan | He'll save Yara, return the favour.

Logan | Throw his carcass in front of a massive cross bow bolt perhaps. 

Daniel | Last question from me - Gendry. Will he be back, and if so what's his role in the the story?

George | He's going to take up the Baratheon banner.

Ethan | Somebody will legitimise him... rightful heir to the throne.

Daniel |  Hmm - I almost think of him more as a sacrifice to somebody. Though the only person currently evil enough to want him dead would be Cersei. He's definitely coming back though.

George | Maybe start a populous uprising?

Daniel | House Flea Bottom.

Ethan | House Bikini Bottom.

George | If Daenerys surrounds Kings Landing then the people will rise up.

Ethan | Against her? Or in support?

George | Against her.

Ethan | Well, they have no army for Kings Landing anyway.

Daniel | Any final thoughts / questions from you guys?

George | Not so much a question but an observation. The episode followed on from last episode with a whole lot more exposition.

Everytime we get  slow scene I look at my watch and think, "Come on! We're running out of episodes."

Logan | Agreed. Less hui, more doey. 

Ethan | More Greyworm?

Daniel | Yup - I agree. I felt like there was lots of looking at maps and making plans. And though I enjoyed the episode overall it does me think the same thing... You've got 6 hours left to tell the story this season. 12 hours in total. That's not much...

Ethan | Grey Worm will get killed at Casterly Rock.

Daniel | I think if Grey Worm dies then Missandei will need to be around to witness it for the full G.R.R. effect.

Also Missandei is basically a C3P0 unit...

She'll be back in season eight with a red arm and we won't recognise her...

George | I don't know. I think there's steel behind her eyes.

Ethan | ...back to Grey Worm?


And there you have it... A glimpse into the madness of Night Gathers editors. Let us know your thoughts about Stormborn. Love it, hate it? Theories. Drop em' below.

Also be sure to let us know what you think of this new format.

Until next week. Remember, when you play the Game of Thrones, you win or you die.


Author: @daniel_whiting

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