Game of Thrones - The Spoils of War

Game of Thrones - The Spoils of War

Join us for a fireside (maybe it's too soon to mention fire) chat as we deep dive into episode four, season seven of Game of Thrones: The Spoils of War. 

The following events occur in real-time... 


Daniel | Ethan Amundsen, welcome to your tape.

Ethan | I don't get it.

Daniel | Alright then... let's just rip the sticking plaster off straight away!


Ethan | 50% of the CGI budget went into this one scene...

George | Medieval Apocalypse now.

Daniel | I bet, that shot alone is beautiful. Seven seasons in the making, We finally have a Targaryen roaming around Westeros blowing sh!t up with a dragon. Was it everything you wanted?

Ethan | I didn't know I wanted it until it happened...

George | Come on, you never thought about Battle Dragons until Bronn's smelling the fart moment?

Daniel | I thought two characters lives were in serious risk during this whole scene. The first being Bronn's and the second being Jaime. Though it's probably a little early in the season for a Jaime death.

I think for a character like Bronn though, that could of been an epic way to die!

I really like Bronn, so I say it with love.

Ethan | I was ready for Jamie to get killed.. the way Drogon turned at the end... Jamie definitely evacuated his bowls...

Daniel | Maybe thats why he sunk so fast?

George | But we're in the final countdown. Since (SPOILER) Ned's death in season one GoT has taken the approach that anyone could go at anytime so with Tyrion looking on like that I really thought that Jamie was a gonner

Daniel | I know what you mean, it's equally a great way for Jaime to go!

Ethan | I thought Jamie might almost ride up and have a word with Tyrion... but holy crap that dragon was massive... I would just cut and run.

George | Especially, with Bronn seemingly set up to die moments before. Jamie dying would have been a great switcheroo.

Jamie sank like a stone because of all that heavy plate armour he was wearing. Bronn was conspicuously in leather armour.

Daniel | -5 to maximum carry weight for gold the hand

George | (this is what 30+ years of Dungeons and Dragons experience teaches you to notice, "What armour is everyone wearing?")

Daniel | You've trained for this Georgie!

George | Finally, this is my time to shine!!!

Ethan |  "I want to try and tame the dragon..."

DM - "Sigh... Roll the dice"
.... CRIT!!!!!

Daniel | So predictions for Jaime and Bronn in episode 5? Alive, dead, captured, changed men?




Ethan | George.. have you been the one leaking these episodes?

George | <cough> shut up. not here man <cough>

Daniel | The question is, will he be captured by Danny? Which will put Tyrion in a tight spot.

His best friend and his brother in the hands of the Queen.

And he's already in the dog box for not being a 'trusted advisor'

Ethan | did you even see the last few episodes?? Jon is Tyrion's bestie?

Daniel | Jon is his new best friend.

OG best friend... Bronn

George | That is a good beat, but I had them arriving back in Kings Landing, covered in ash, lone survivors of Dragon Strike.

Daniel | Jaime has already been captured once, would they play that card again. So many pros and cons to each option!

George | I'm all for getting characters in the same spot after having them drift about for so long so I'm for them getting captured.

Ethan | Alright alright... Jamie ends up in Kings Landing.. but he's lost his golden hand.. Gets it replaced with a Crossbow? King slayer gone dragon slayer?

George | That's very Army of Darkness!

George | After we've gone and said how we really didn't really know whether Jamie and Bronn were going to make it, did you ever really feel like Daenerys was in any peril?

Daniel | Not once. Even when Drogon took a shot to the wing. She was never in harms way.

Ethan | I thought Drogon might go down...

Daniel | I do feel like Dragon and Queen armor is needed. Plus a saddle!

Ethan | Gendry will finally row into Dragon Stone. Whip up some armour.

Make some crazy mythril Guilded Dragon chestplate

Daniel | I think if they're going to kill a dragon it won't ever be Drogon.

George | Yeah, I think everyone bar Jon and Daenerys are in the deadpool

George | Also, just a random thought, why didn't the Dothraki all just ride into the hole Danni burnt in the Lanister line?

Stupid horsemen just kept riding into the spears

Ethan | That horse leg chop was pretty brutal though

George | That's the kind of move you'd expect from Bronn

Daniel | In my head dragon fire burns hotter and longer than normal fire, but those Dothraki just rode straight through that dragon fire. They've really started conquering fears.

George | You saying The Hoard are growing as a character?

Ethan | they don't get any character development... saving that for a spin off

Daniel | I guess I am. Props to old King Robert. Only a fool would face the Dothraki in open combat.

George | Bronn and the Horsemen". I'd watch that

Level 100 Rogue


George | If GoT was a casino, I'd bet everything I had on Arya killing Littlefinger now that she has his dagger.

Daniel | I think once Bran-The-Eyed-Raven shares his learnings with Arya, that list is really going to grow!

George | That could just be the show from now on. Bran feeding Arya intel and then she heads off to ninja someone to death.

Daniel | That would make a great show! Insta buy 2 seasons straight to Netflix.

George | Too many spin offs. It's like being a Dothraki at a horse show.

Daniel | So a couple of big things happening here. Arya really showed us her skills and training. Though the question is, and maybe George, you know the answer to this, as a Maester of D&D. Could Arya actually fight Branne with Needle?

Ethan | I fell like I missed a good 3-4 years of Arya training... like she used a stick for a few days? It's all in the parry I guess.

Daniel | It takes a village to raise a warrior Ethan. She learnt from the Jon, Ned, The Dancing Master and The Waif and more.

George | Totes. Breanne's armour is made to deflect slashing and to a lesser extent bludgeoning blows. A piercing weapon like Needle would be able to find the weak spots 

Daniel | Makes sense. But from a strength point of view, could she deflect those blows from Brianne?

George | Nah, it's kind of like the Viper/Mountain fight. One good strike and Arya's down. She's got that dagger for a reason. 

Daniel | Thats a great reference! Damn, your D&D knowledge is really paying it's dividends tonight.

George | 'bout time.

Daniel | O.K. so Arya. She could go with Jon beyond the wall. Though beyond the Wall are three people on the list. The Hound (Though maybe he's forgiven), Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr.

George | For the sake of the reader, who are those last two again?

Daniel | Two men from the Brotherhood without Banners. The characters the Hound is now hanging out with. The ones that can be brought back to life with fire. Well Beric at least.

George | Right, forgot about them

George | I just think of them as MonkDude and OneEyedLazarus

Ethan | she's gotta stop holding grudges... they're cool.

George| Are they definitely beyond the wall now? 

Daniel | In the first episode, where they got the Hound to look into the fire. The Hound saw the Walkers moving towards the wall, or East Watch. Either way, they were heading that way.

The reason they are one the list is for selling Gendry to Melisandre (The Red Woman)

Daniel | So does Arya go North or South?

George | North. That steel is needed

Daniel | I look forward to that reunion of Arya and Jon

George | I think they might hold off on that Maybe give them a single scene before offing one of them.

Daniel | Oooooh. No. Take it back.

Ethan | Arya will probably go south. does she even know about the white walker apocalypse??

George | One word: Bran.

Daniel | The Oracle.

Ethan | Arya.. trained so hard - so much wasted time if she just dies!

And Jons already died once...

New phone, who dis? 


Daniel | Theons face when he saw Jon on the beach... Priceless!

George | Does anyone care about Theon anymore?

Daniel | No one cares about him, but seeing him have to face Jon was quite rewarding.

George | I did like not knowing how Jon would react

Ethan | Theon's got to redeem himself... otherwise he's a waste of space

George | Yeah, I think he'll go on a suicide mission to kill his Uncle

Daniel | He's obviously going to run a recon mission to get Yara, though he's definitely dying in the process.

Ethan | That almost feels to disconnected..

George | Maybe he'll do something to weaken the defenses at Kings Landing for Daenerys in the process? 

Daniel | Agreed - He's a nobody, though I think George RR has plans for him.

George | Yeah, I think the whole of the Greyjoy plot will be quite different in the final books.

Ethan | There has been this theme of redemption, like with Jamie in the past..  I think we'll come to like Theon.

George | Not enough time. One selfless act then dead.

Daniel | Ruthless, but efficient.

George | I'd like to point out that Jon really does have a thing for taking the ladies in his life into caves

Was he thinking, "Well, this worked last time..."

Ethan | "Look at these drawings that I just found and definitely didn't draw up just now..."

George | Maybe he's just a big Archaeology nerd?

Daniel | Classic. Look at these ancient drawings. I'm about to mine the f*ck out of them, so you better look now.

George | I did think it was quite a leap for him weave that story just based on the fact that the walkers were around the corner

Ethan | Come into this cave which is down the beach 50 metres and you totally haven't ever seen before?


Daniel | Alright gang, I'm bringing this to a close. Every episode this season we've finished with something epic. Name your predictions for the big mic drop ending next?


I think that's definitely a possibility ^^

Daniel | I think it's a Greyjoy rescue mission gone wrong.

George | Nice. Reek goes all James Bond. 

My final note is how are there only NINE episodes to go in total?

Daniel | It gives me anxiety thinking about it.


Author: @daniel_whiting

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