Game of Thrones - The Dragon and the Wolf

Game of Thrones - The Dragon and the Wolf

Join us for a fireside chat as we deep dive into the final episode of season seven of Game of Thrones: The Dragon and the Wolf. 

The following events occur in real-time...

Dan | Welcome back gang, it's been a few weeks since we've debriefed Game of Thrones. And now we're at the final! Did it live up to expectations? 

George | It felt top heavy. Big parlay at the start followed by tying up loose ends. 

I did enjoy it though. Good number of punch the air moments. Ice dragon, Jon's background, Jamie finally joining the coalition of the willing, Tyrion facing down Cerci, Jon and Danni... 

Daniel | Yeah, a lot of this season has been about those loose ends. Every chance they've had they're making the link back to old episodes.

Ethan | Personally, I really enjoyed it, though I was expecting a few more 'Holy shit' moments...

George | Less "Holy shit", more "About time."

Daniel | I've heard people say last nights episode was the best of the season. I'm not sure I would go that far, though it's definitely been an amazing season. Even if it did feel a little rushed at times.

Ethan | I get that they're trying to get the story moving... which I'm totally O.K. with - dialogue has gone a bit downhill now that the show runners are mostly in control.

George | I think it was the best episode over all. But Jamie trying to take down a dragon with a lance was my moment of the season!

I agree with Ethan. Each episode now has to count so there's less time for the small quiet scenes that carried a lot of weight. You get compressed versions, like Bronn and Tyrion chatting on the road, but the show overall has suffered because they're heading for the end game.

Ice Dragons


Ethan | A dragon glass scorpion bolt will wreck that ice dragon. Mark my words.

Speaking of ice dragons, that last scene... I'm not too sure about it. how did they just walk through the wall!! where was all the rubble!

Daniel | I thought they were walking over the rubble?

George | Yeah, Brann the Builder didn't count on ice dragon breath. Should never have got planning consent for the wall.

Ethan | Looked like they had a nice clear path?

George | I thought there was a path through the rubble?

Maybe they ice-fire melted the rubble?

I'm sad we didn't get a WWZ-type zombie assault on the wall!

Why the side-eye?


Daniel | I'm less concerned about the rubble and more concerned about the look that Tyrion gave the ship door when he saw Jon go into Danni's room... Has he made some type of crocked deal with Cersei?

Ethan | Tyrion just feels left out... even Grey Worm is getting some action. He definitely made a deal though...

George | Yeah, what was that? I read it as him being worried that their's new 'alliance' will not end well?

Daniel | I'm hoping it was just his cautiousness, surely he's not in for a full Lannister double cross?

George | Ethan, by all accounts Tyrion did noting but get action prior to the first season.

Ethan |  hahahaha... thats true George.

George | Nah, he's not going to double cross, he's a true-believer in Danni.

Daniel | That's true, plus his brother is enroute to join the team?

Ethan | But there seems to be this big theme of not turning your back on family...

George | Best part of the episode for me - Jamie finally standing up to Cersei and becoming a good guy.

Ethan | Jamie leaving was one of the best bits... snow falling. Classic.

Daniel | I know right. So good! When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.

Cleganebowl weigh-in


Daniel | What about how close we came to Clegane Bowl! Save a number on your dance card, It's happening in S8!

George | I know. I thought we were finally going to get the main event in the Dragon Arena!

Ethan | I thought Cersei was going to get killed by one of her brothers...

Daniel | I thought any Lannister could of died last night!

George | I did wonder if Jamie was going to be this season's Ned?

Ethan | He does have half of Ned's sword!

Caught by those pesky kids


Daniel | How do we feel about the demise of Little Finger?

Ethan | Seeing him grovel was super weird. Didnt seem genuine. 

George | Totally in character though. He'll do anything to save his skin.

Ethan | "If we could just talk about this in private" ... get REKT mate.

Daniel | Arya... Here's your dagger (Cats claw) back...

George | I was so relieved when he finally died. I'd had enough of his Worm Tongue routine

Ethan | Sansa will go and control the Vale? 

Daniel | Little Finger... "If it wasn't for you pesky kids I would have gotten away with this"

Plus, he would of been a nightmare when Danni and Jon arrive.

Overall, I did enjoy the Little Finger character, though he kind of lost purpose for me at Winterfell. And the rift he tried to create between Sansa and Arya was painful.

George | Totally felt forced. Seemed like that whole plot line was just treading water this season.

The Watcher


Daniel | What I'd really like to talk about tonight is predictions for next season. Though before we do, any other key points we want to break into here from this weeks episode?

Ethan | Brann finally said something important and not mega creepy? 

George | About time. Brann is totally underused

Daniel | I think the thing with Bran is that he's so powerful and knows so much but if they rolled him out (literally) every episode this thing would of been wrapped up two episodes ago.

George| He's practically Westeros internet and they only use him to check

Ethan | "Brann where did I leave my...."  "glasses?? they're on your head"

Daniel | I saw a great meme today... while Little Fingers trial was going on, someone is like Bran, do you have anything to say. Bran's like shhh, I'm watching Jon get it on with his Aunt.

Ethan | Jon's like "well shit, we can still try can't we"

George | "You have two dragons!!! Isn't that enough?"

Ethan | "do you even want kids?"

You're late


Daniel | One of my fav lines... from Cersei... "You're late"

George | Classic Cersei.

Ethan | "Bitch ill burn you right now I swear to the 7 gods"

George | I wanted a scene of Pod and Bron in the tavern

Season 8 


Daniel | Ok let's layout S8... how's this playing out?

Ethan | Cold open, Dragon buzzes Winterfell. Insta kills Sansa.... Shits real

Daniel | Shit, that is real.

George | Open with Littlefinger sneaking up to Cersei and killing her. Rips his face off and it's Arya. Actually. That could happen at some point.

Ethan | I think that will happen, maybe like, ep 04? 

Daniel | That's the only way for Cersei to go... though in my books, Arya has Jaime's face.

I reckon, closing scene... final episode.

George | Nice. I think Jamie will be the one to kill Cersei. Or his face at least.

George | Big open. Large fight in Ep2. Waste 4 episodes in the middle while Jon and Sansa fight over Wintefell. Kill the White Walkers in Episode 6. Final two episodes will be Stark/Targaryen vs Lannisters/Mercenaries

Ethan | Aren't there only 6 eps?

Daniel | Yup only 6 episodes next season.

George | Okay, only two wasted episodes in Winterfell. 

Daniel | I think this White Walker issue needs to be dealt with by the end of ep 4?

Daniel | So the thing is these days, there's little left to surprise anyone and most of the main plot points are wrapped up. Do you think the TV show has any big surprises left in store for us?

George | Ghost finally comes back?

Ethan | Danni gets prego, dies in child birth

Daniel | I think the wow factor is going to come from the scale of the battles.

Ethan | They all get turned into white walkers... but they don't mind it... start a new White walker society.

Daniel | I'm already exited for elephant battles!

George | Snow elephants no less

Ethan | They'll need some big ships. Giants riding Elephants? I'm in

Daniel | 20K men from the Golden Company isn't much.

George | I think Qyburn still has some cards to play

Daniel | Unless you've lost most of your army already.

George | Are we sure he didn't get his hand on any of the walker?

Daniel | Thats true.

George | Or an army of Mountains?

Daniel | He 100% did, he's obsessed with the dark arts

Ethan | But the dark arts are forbidden on School grounds?

George | Doesn't count. He's clearly Slythern. Snape will give him a pass.

Ethan | That's true.

Daniel | Any final GoT predictions, comments, quips?

George | I hated the title for the episode "The Dragon and the Wolf."

Clearly they got to the end of production. Were exhausted or drunk or both and just got the intern to name the episode

Ethan | They didn't have  much time to workshop it

George | So lame.

Ethan | Wait.. they had a year. Somebody dropped the ball

Daniel | I wanted The Nights King to buzz the tower of Winterfell so that Sansa and Arya spilled mead on themselves... *shakes fist* *Mavrick!*

Ethan | S08 E01 "Winter Fell"

George | Mic dropped.

George | We can't top that. We should end it here until next year

Daniel | Until next year, or 2019.

Ethan | Or the year after.


Author: @daniel_whiting

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