Apple Special Announcement - Live 2017

Apple Special Announcement - Live 2017

Some people wake up early to watch sports, I wake up early to watch tech announcements. Sorry Dad, that's the path I've chosen in life #NerdProud

In 2017 we had lots of fun live blogging the Apple event as Tim Cook unveiled the iPhone 7. So with the much anticipated / worst kept secret in the world, it would be rude not to watch the live unveiling of the iPhone X aka 10 year anniversary edition aka X-going-to-give-it-to-ya-edition!


Note: If you don't want to relieve the conference in real-time - check out the TLDR at the end of the page.

The following events occur in real-time:

  • 4.59am - I'm already regretting this decision to wake up this early. Don't let me down Timmy.
  • 5.00am - The ghost of Steve Jobs opens the show 
  • 5.03am - Tim Cook comes on stage to officially open the Steve Jobs theater with a special memorial message about honoring Steve and driving innovation
  • 5.07am - Tim promises they have some exciting products to show us today - But first a moment for the Hurricane victims of America.
  • 5.07am - We get the specs for the Apple Campus... Cool story bro, but the tech! 
  • 5.10am - O.K. Tim, you got me with a visitor centre. I'm coming to check it out.
  • 5.11am - "The Apple Campus - where customers can Discover, explore and experience" - Trigger words.
  • 5.12am - Tim hands over to Angela for more about the Apple Campus... It's a full cringe with many trigger words #innovation #townhalls #collaboration #community #unlockpotential #accessknowledge 

An eternity later... 

  • 5.18am - Tim's excited for retail and the work Apple is doing. (Retails deal brah)
  • 5.19am - Announcement 1 - New Apple Watch! Though no actual details yet.
  • 5.20am - Apple Watch is now the No.1 watch in the world... 
  • 5.21am - "97% of customers love the Apple Watch" God - There's a video of customer feedback. I'm getting triggered again. So much cringe!

Another eternity later... 

  • 5.23am - Improved Apple Watch features
    • Smart activity coaching to "close those rings"
    • Enhanced heart rate features 
    • Notification's when your heart rate is high and you're not active (e.g. trigger words - see above)
    • Apple Heart Study - Your stats helping heart research
    • New music
    • New watch faces (including Toy Story...) 
    • OS4 available to all Apple Watch users on the 19 September
  • 5.28am - A new generation of Apple Watches... cue storm video... (seems like poor timing)
  • 5.29am - Shock face, it's LTE! You no longer need your iPhone to get the most out of your Apple Watch. It uses the same number as your iPhone. You can receive calls, send messages and more!
  • 5.30am - You can now stream Apple Music from your LTE watch.
  • 5.31am - Confirmed the new series 3 apple watch with LTE has a red crown button.
  • 5.31am - Siri can now talk via your Apple Watch
  • 5.32am - The series 3 Apple watch is basically the exact same as the existing Apple Watch - Which is pretty impressive with all that new functionality packed in.
  • 5.33am - Jeff calls his daughter via his new Apple Watch... #cringe... Oh god, she's paddle boarding - point made, it works without a phone.
  • 5.36am - New bands and colours are on the way - Check them out on the Apple Store later today.
  • 5.37am - You can now get the Apple Watch edition in ceramic grey! 
  • 5.37am - I don't see New Zealand on that first release schedule... Before you rush out and buy one you might want to confirm your provider supports cellular Apple Watches.
  • 5.37am - Available from 22 September 2017
  • 5.40am - We've got a new Apple TV - And it's 4K. 
  • 5.46am - The iTunes store will offer movies in 4k at no extra cost 
  • 5.49am - Something about a new Sports app... 
  • 5.50am - A new game for your Apple TV called Sky, from the makers of Flower - Looks beautiful, though it's played via the Apple TV remote... Yup, that's a hard pass.
  • 5.53am - Apple TV 4K available from 22 September 2017
  • 5.54am - Tim's back on the stage... Next up iPhone! 
  • 5.56am - Tim reminds us off all the features that make iPhone great - Feels very anniversary-ish
  • 5.57am - Confirmed iPhone 8 (looks the same as the iPhone 7)
  • 5.58am - New iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus - Available in silver, space grey and gold (Looks similar to the iPhone 7)
  • 6.00am - Standard roll out of new tech in the iPhone 8 - Improved processing and power
  • 6.02am - The cameras have been enhanced on the iPhone 8 - They were already pretty good so this can only be good news for everyone!
  • 6.05am - More trigger words #BionicMode #MachineLearning = Better photos and lighting. This new mode is in beta and will ship with the iPhone 8
  • 6.08am - AR is finally mentioned (Augmented Reality)
  • 6.09am - We're shown how AR can work with games, maps and the real world- It's pretty cool. This is going to be huge.

Note - Everyone in the crowd looks dead inside... just get to the X edition! 

  • 6.12am - We're seeing a live AR game demo - It looks great
  • 6.13am - Wireless charging confirmed for iPhone 8
  • 6.17am - iPhone 8 pre-orders from 15 September, shipping from 22 September
  • 6.18am - Available in 64GB and 256GB 

We do have one more thing!

  • 6.17am - iPhone X (10) confirmed
  • 6.19am - iPhone X, features include:
    • Edge to edge display
    • Available in space grey and silver
    • Super Retina display (better than OLED?)
    • Removal of the home button
    • Face ID - Facial recognition technology to replace the fingerprint sensor, it will even work in low light, with glasses, with a hat... it #LearnsYourFace 
    • Animoji - Emoji's but animated with YOUR FACE! 
    • Duel cameras with image stabilization
    • Tuned for AR applications (as it should be)
    • Portrait mode selfies on the front facing camera 
    • Powered by the A11 chip
    • Wireless charging 
  • 6.33am - A live demo of Face ID... doesn't work on the first go... 
  • 6.37am - All of this technology and Craig has to demo the Animoji features  
  • 6.43am - The iPhone X battery will last 2 hours longer than the iPhone 7
  • 6.44am - A new wireless charging case for the Air Pods - Everything is going wireless!
  • 6.45am - AirPower - Wireless charging for everything
  • 6.47am - It wouldn't be an apple event without a Johnny Ives video
  • 6.50am - iPhone X US Pricing $999,  pre-order from the 27 October, shipping on the 3 November 2017

Compare the iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 


That's it team! What do you think?

TLDR - Just give me the key talking points! 

  • New Apple Watch series 3 with cellular capability - Uses your existing mobile number, no new / separate sim card required
  • New Apple TV which supports 4K viewing
  • New iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus - Available in silver, space grey and gold (Looks similar to the iPhone 7), still has touch ID 
  • Wireless charging confirmed for iPhone 8 
  • iPhone 8 pre-orders from 15/09, shipping from 22/09
  • iPhone X confirmed and it's got an edge to edge display. Available in space grey and silver
  • Air Power - A new wireless charging product coming in 2018 to charge your iPhone, watch and AirPods
  • iPhone X US Pricing $999,  pre-order from the 27/10, shipping on the 3/11

For exact specifications and pricing - check out


Author: @daniel_whiting

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