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The Outsider | NG Reacts

Hey you, yeah, you! We’re kicking off a monthly movie club. Sometimes we’re hitting the latest and greatest, other times we’re tackling the classics. The first movie we’re discussing is The Outsider which came to Netflix in March 2018.

The OA | Review

I wanted to start the New Year with some quality viewing and Netflix’s The OA did not disappoint. The story line for this show focuses on the question of what happens when you die and particularly the phenomenon of a ‘Near Death Experience’ or NDE. 

Designated Survivor - Early thoughts

The designated survivor is someone from the US presidential line of succession, that is locked away in a secure location when the President and the America’s other top leaders get together at the State of the Union, presidential inaugurations and other such events.

Stranger Things - Review

What happens when you combine: The Goonies, X-Files, E.T. Stephen King and John Carpenter? You get a magical cocktail called Stranger Things. And it's the hot new Netflix Original series that you need to watch.

Marvel Netflix Updates

The super power that is Marvel and Netflix is dropping some awesome teaser trailers at San Diego's Comic-Con. Over the last few days we've had teaser trailers for The Defenders, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Plus confirmation of a third season of Daredevil!