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What happened to The Walking Dead I loved?

Ever since the inception of Night Gathers, I’ve written about two shows regularly; The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. After season seven of The Walking Dead, I felt like I needed to take a break from weekly episodic reviews. This was both for my own mental well being and from a quality of content point of view for Night Gathers.

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The Walking Dead - The Other Side | Review

I feel like 'The Other Side' is the perfect example of a Walking Dead episode that should only ever be consumed with another episode. Because watching it on it's own will probably leave you flat and questioning where your life is heading. Sure some stuff happened, but not really enough to justify a whole episode at this late point in the season. 

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The Walking Dead - Hearts Still Beating | Review

As the late Abraham Ford would say, this episode was (eventually) the "bitch nutz!" - The gang, or whats left of them is finally back together. And they've even got new squad goals that just about everyone is invested in!

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