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The Outsider | NG Reacts

Hey you, yeah, you! We’re kicking off a monthly movie club. Sometimes we’re hitting the latest and greatest, other times we’re tackling the classics. The first movie we’re discussing is The Outsider which came to Netflix in March 2018.

The Walking Dead - The Other Side | Review

I feel like 'The Other Side' is the perfect example of a Walking Dead episode that should only ever be consumed with another episode. Because watching it on it's own will probably leave you flat and questioning where your life is heading. Sure some stuff happened, but not really enough to justify a whole episode at this late point in the season. 

Arrival | Review

Three 'brothers' from the Night Gathers Editorial team recently went to check out Arrival. Rather than instigate trial-by-combat for review rights, they've each got some reflections to share with you.

Designated Survivor - Early thoughts

The designated survivor is someone from the US presidential line of succession, that is locked away in a secure location when the President and the America’s other top leaders get together at the State of the Union, presidential inaugurations and other such events.

What to watch

An all to common conversation these days is "what should I watch next", which normally results in a slew of recent shows being shoved in your face: Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, Vikings, Breaking Bad, House of Cards... the list goes on